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PM Sales Company ::

What We Do

Compared to competitors' products, the material shipped by PM Sales Company has always been superior in quality and aesthetics.  We are constantly improving our packaging and labeling procedures, always considering the environmental impact of the materials used. Recycling of finished goods ranks extremely high on the list of environmentally-conscious industries, as raw material and energy consumption needed to manufacture products which are available in the surplus market can be put to more efficient use producing necessary unavailable goods.

There will always be some who choose to believe that product from the surplus market is inferior to product shipped direct from the factory.  There will also always be those that insist, erroneously, that product liability coverage by the manufacturer is voided if the item is acquired in the secondary market. This would, of course, be the case in instances where items are used or remanufactured by the secondary marketer.  It is, however, false in the vast majority of cases where the secondary marketer ships new, unaltered, product in original factory packaging, or even if the product has been legitimately repackaged.  The notion that product liability coverage does not exist on materials provided by sources other than those authorized by the manufacturer is simply false, and is just an unfounded rumor disseminated by those who, for whatever reason, would prefer to interfere with the right of the surplus dealer to do business in the marketplace.  There have been allegations that counterfeit electrical material exists. In thirty years, we have never seen the first incident of counterfeit material, nor are we aware of any court cases in which counterfeit material has been introduced into evidence, and would challenge anyone to produce some of the material alleged to be counterfeit. Some manufacturers persist in fostering these types of rumors and false allegations to rationalize their own failures in the market.

Used and remanufactured product constitutes an extremely small (less than 15%), but essential, portion of the total sales of PM Sales.  Obsolete and discontinued items, no longer available from manufacturers, are still required as replacements in or modifications to existing equipment.  Westinghouse has begun a program of factory reconditioning certain used, obsolete items. They recognize that a need for these products exists, and do the same things in their reconditioning process that reputable surplus dealers have done for years.  The critical factors that enter into the decision to purchase reconditioned goods are the honesty, expertise, and reliability of the vendor, proper testing of reconditioned items prior to shipment, price, speed and accuracy of delivery, and proper and ample product liability insurance and warranty coverage.  PM Sales Company performs in all of these areas.  Our customers are always informed when used or reconditioned items are quoted and to be shipped.  When the material arrives, it is the correct item, intelligently packaged and labeled, looks new, and works properly.  When available, all factory documentation originally provided with the item when new is reproduced and included.

PM and its subsidiaries have begun to develop relationships with certain manufacturers and agents with the intention of purchasing new material in large quantities at reduced prices.  This will enable us to more fully serve the needs of the electrical wholesaler.  Our acquisition costs for factory material are, of course, higher than what we pay for surplus, but we are still able to provide the items at a reduced cost to the distributor

PM Sales Company has always prided itself on its expertise in a wide variety of areas.  The electrical field is in a constant state of change.  New methods and products are developed and employed.  We make every effort to learn exactly what products are available within the industry, and we are able, due to our many years of hands-on exposure to the materials, to be more helpful to the distributor in selecting and suggesting the proper items or functional alternatives to his customer.  Getting it right the first time is the ultimate goal.  PM Sales Company approaches every situation with this goal in sharp focus, never wavering in its pursuit of excellence.  No other company is able to provide the variety of product and depth of expertise we have amassed through our daily handling of the actual material, not just catalogs and 'cut sheets'.  There are others in the same business as PM Sales Company; they just don't do it quite as well.

PM's target market includes electrical wholesalers, utilities, and the manufacturers of electrical construction materials and their agents.  It is not our desire to compete with our customers, and for this reason, we do not market our products and services to contractors, OEMs, industrials, or end users.  We will check stock for or otherwise consult with them, but they must place orders through a distributor.  We do recommend specific wholesales, naturally our better customers, in cases where we are accessed directly and the normal supplier does not actively support PM Sales Company.

PM Sales Company, always an innovator, was the first electrical surplus dealer to install toll-free telephone service, Fax machines, toll-free Fax service, and a networked computer system, which has proven itself to be the finest in the industry.  In 1978, PM Sales Company ceased all of its advertising, as it was our philosophy that limited exposure in the marketplace would better allow us to service our customers and suppliers. In the current market, we see a reason for increasing our exposure, and, to effect this, we are in process of developing a marketing strategy which includes advertising.  This web site is a further means of achieving this exposure; we are purposefully raising our profile!

We realize that relationships must be maintained in good standing between the manufacturers and their authorized distributors, and we have no desire to interfere.  It is not our intent to be the primary supplier to every distributor.  We cannot profess to be capable of doing so, as we are unable to replenish stock at will.  It is the desired position of PM Sales Company to be a supplemental supplier to the authorized electrical distributor, affording him or her the opportunity to take advantage of the additional profits and wider selection of materials available by accessing the secondary market for product.  The PM Sales way is to provide service, reliability, expertise, quality product, and a pricing structure that allows the distributor to provide the same with increasing profitability.

Feel free to send email to for answers to any questions you may have!