Who We Are

For many years electrical wholesalers exclusively purchased the materials they sold from the manufacturers and their agents.  It became important to inform them that alternate sources of supply existed, one where the distributor would be able to locate items for replacement of existing equipment that had been discontinued or were, for whatever reasons, unavailable from the manufacturers.  Surplus dealers frequently had inventory that was immediately available and would permit the job to be completed properly.  As the prices we paid for our inventories were determined by agreement with the previous owners of the material, and not necessarily based upon a pricing structure determined by authorized factory sales personnel, surplus dealers had greater flexibility in their sales price structure.  Commonly stated, surplus dealers were, and still are, more able and willing to "deal" than were the manufacturers and their agents.

The condition of the industry today is such that it has again become necessary to educate the electrical wholesalers as to the advantages of purchasing from alternate sources of supply.  Beginning with the recession of the 1980s, manufacturers of electrical material embarked on a campaign consisting of false and misleading statements and various other unscrupulous practices designed to undermine our industry in order to deal with some of their own failures.  These unfortunate practices continue to this day.

There is a popularly held misconception, fostered in part by the manufacturers, that surplus dealers purchase and market mostly used, and sometimes even scrap, material. The reality is that the vast majority of the material we purchase is brand new, in exactly the same condition in which the factory originally shipped it. In most cases, the only reason for repackaging the materials we sell is that the cardboard carton or the paper label on the carton have become worn or marked through handling at the facilities from which we purchase the material.  In cases where materials are refurbished or repaired, they are clearly marked as such and never represented as new stock.

Whereas a very small "representative" sample of the material is actually tested and/or inspected at the factory, a good surplus dealer operates with the policy that all material is to be inspected and/or tested prior to its shipment to the customer to ensure that the material is free from defects and will function properly in its intended application.  We pledge to inspect, test, and/or recondition all materials in accordance with the highest reconditioning standards.  PM Sales Company has always operated within the scope of this policy; it is our reputation, and therefore our future, that is on the line.