PM Sales is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Central Time, Monday through Friday, except on normal holidays. Frequently, members of our staff are available before and after those times, but this may depend on individual schedules. We are committed to providing you the best service possible. The following list of personnel and their primary duties may help you reach the right person most efficiently.


Local Voice: 773-237-8211
Toll-free Voice: 1-888-PMSALES (1-888-767-2537)
FAX: 773-237-3278
Postal Address: 4850 W. Bloomingdale Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 60639

General E-mail Inquiries: INFO@PMSAILES.COM


All of our sales representatives have a good general grasp of our product line and should be able to assist you, but if you have specialized needs, they will try to direct you to the person most familiar with the products you need.

David Buduris (
David Schneider (
Dan Shelton (
Marcos Sotelo (
Jeff Schneider (
Danny Goode (


Accounts Receivable: Ada Holubecki (
Accounts Payable: David Schneider (


Receiving Department: Leroy Wesaw (
Retruned Goods: Ada Holubecki (
Please note that ALL returned goods require prior written authorization before they can be accepted.


Please direct any comments or questions regarding our service to David Schneider ( or Jeff Schneider (

We take our commitment to you seriously and welcome your comments.